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Etsy Find: 15 Educational Toys Kids Will Love!

Spelling Tree Educational Toy

spelling tree educational toy montessori reggio natural toys wood toys

Montessori-inspired wood educational toy, a fun literacy and fine motor experience for young learners. 

Planet-themed Spinning Tops

planet themed spinning tops

I've  quickly learned that my kid testing crew knows right away whether a toy is fun and engaging or a dud and this one was a big hit with the kids!  

planet themed spinning tops, solar system, science for kids, spinning tops

These planet-themed spinning tops are a great way to learn through play about our solar system, practice planet sequencing, and improve fine motor skills. I made the spinning tops by turning maple and polymer clay blanks on a lathe.

planet themed spinning tops

The spinning tops represent different sizes and weights of the planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Kids can sort them, learn about weight and balance by recording which top needs the biggest twist to begin spinning, and  which top spins the longest and fastest. Older children can use the spinning tops to replicate planet distances and practice working with relative proportions (activities and planet cards included). Please message me for pre-order.